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Guest Information
Welcome, on behalf of your sponsoring Member, we are delighted to have you as a Guest.  To make your visit more enjoyable, we have some helpful information:

Dress Code Policy
Members and guests are to wear conservative clothing in good taste. Except as indicated below, conventional attire for the Main Clubhouse, Formal Dining Room and Grill Room after 5:00 p.m. is sport coat for men and the equivalent dress for women.  Persons in golf attire and other casual attire may use the Terrace, Guyaux Family Dining Room and Lynches Tavern.  The porch outside of the ballroom may be used when wearing casual attire until 5:00 p.m. or in conjuction with Terrace dining after 5:00 p.m. Casual attire includes collared shirts, turtlenecks with dress slacks, or shorts for men and slacks, skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts or turtlenecks for women.

Persons in bathing attire shall not use the porches, terraces or rooms of the Clubhouse other than the locker rooms and shall not enter or leave the Clubhouse by the front entrance or the main porch entrances. Certain clothing is generally unacceptable throughout the year.  That includes t-shirts, sweat clothes, short skirts, halter tops or other revealing wear.  Certain logical exceptions are permitted at the swimming pool and paddle facilities but please be mindful of the good taste required at a family club. Denim jeans are permitted in the most casual areas of the Club.  The most casual areas of the Club are defined as the Guyaux Family Dining Room, Lynches Tavern, Shooting Lodge, paddle facilities and pool area.  Jeans (as with all attire) must be tasteful and appropriate for Club and dining activites.  Denim jeans are not permitted in the Main Clubhouse, Formal Dining Room, Grill Room, Terrace, private rooms or on the golf course. 

Golf attire varies widely but certain clothing is not acceptable on the golf course or on the practice range. Clothing that is not acceptable includes jeans (or the like), tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, cut-offs, athletic wear (of any kind), aerobic (Yoga or Pilates), mini-skirts, flip-flops, cargo shorts or pants, bathing suits, short sleeve mock turtlenecks, short-shorts (tennis, jogging etc.) or collarless short sleeve shirts for men. Hats, caps and visors should be removed in the Main Clubhouse and patio dining venues.  Bill on caps must face forward.  Shirts should be tucked into slacks or shorts at all times. Trousers or Bermuda length shorts must be worn.  It is requested that children be conservatively dressed although the Dress Code does not apply to children under the age of 12.  There is a specific Dress Code for Junior Golfers contained in the Junior Golf Program annual mailer.

Cell Phone Policy
Cellular phones may be used in the locker portion of golf locker rooms, the pavilion/playground area of the pool complex and the parking lot. Members and their guests should always use proper cell phone etiquette including low voices, discrete use and phone being kept on a non-ringing mode.  Texting and email (only) are permitted in other areas of the club and on the golf course.  We ask that you use texting and email features with the utmost decorum.

Smoking Policy
All areas inside all Club buildings (Clubhouse including the Porte Cochere and covered awning off the Living Room, Shooting Lodge, Paddle Tennis Hut, Pro Shops, Snack Stand, Springhouse, Restrooms and any workplace environment) will be smoke-free at all times. Smoking is also prohibited in the following outdoor environments: on the Lower Terrace and Pool areas.

Smoking is only permitted more than 15 feet beyond the following areas: the eves of the Porte Cochere at the Front Entry, the covered awning off the Living Room, outside the Handicap Entrance, outside the rear service entrance and on the Upper Terraces (east and west) of the Clubhouse, when available. However, discretionary smoking is permitted in outdoor areas but the burden of courtesy will fall on those individuals who choose to smoke.

Speed of Play
In order to increase the pleasure of those playing the course, golfers are urged to comply with the fundamental rules of golf etiquette. Some of the more important rules are:
  1. Please keep up with the group ahead.
  2. Players should smooth footprints in bunkers and avoid climbing on the side of bunkers.
  3. Please replace divots in fairways and rough. Repair ball marks on the greens. 
Members are responsible for the pace of play of their guests. 4 hours 15 minutes is recommended for a group of four players. Players must not practice chipping or pitching on the putting green. 
Players not taking a caddie, riding in a golf car; please be aware of the following 
  1. Protect the beauty of the course. Do not annoy other golfers.
  2. Driving on the fairways in a scattered or random pattern is permitted and encouraged. 
  3. Do not drive between greens and adjacent bunkers. Do not drive on slopes of tees and greens.