Fitness Director:  Scott Bender

New Hours of Operation:  
Monday through Sunday
5:00 a.m.  -  8:00 p.m.
Closed between 1:30-2:00 p.m. for daily cleaning

Fitness Center Phone Number:  (412) 449-1627


Group Exercise Class Descriptions

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October Group Classes
Co-Ed Yoga
6:30 p.m.

Private and Partner Sessions are now available.

Indoor and Outdoor Personal Training available







All Members must sign a waiver form prioir to using the fitness equipment.  

Fitness Center Liability Waiver Form

Fitness Center Rules
  1. Use of the Fitness Center is limited to Members of the Fox Chapel Golf Club, their Children and registered Guests.  The Club guest policy applies to the Fitness Center.  All Members must register Guests.  Guest fees will apply.
  2. All Members and Guests must sign in at the Fitness Center desk prior to using the facilities.
  3. Members and Guests are using the Fitness Center at their own risk.  The Club is not responsible for any injuries resulting to Members or Guests due to any activity carried on in the Fitness Center.  All Members and their Guests must sign a Release and Waiver form before using the Fitness Center for the first time.
  4. Members and Guests (including Children) with medical issues must consult with their physician before beginning an exercise program at the Fitness Center.  When requested by the Fitness Director, a Member or Guest shall provide a letter from a medical doctor stating that the Member or Guest may participate in the activities described in the letter.  Such letter shall remain on file with the Fitness Center.
  5. Pregnant women should consult with their physician prior to usage of the Fitness Center.
  6. Personal training sessions by staff personnel only are available by appointment and at set hourly rates.  Appointments can be scheduled at the Fitness Center desk.  Changes or cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or you will be billed for your scheduled time. 
  7. Sign-ups for the group exercise classes will be taken at the Fitness Center desk.  The established fees will be charged to your Member account.
  8. All concerns, equipment malfunctions and maintenance needs should be reported to the Fitness Center staff immediately.
  9. Towels are available for everyone exercising in any part of the Fitness Center.  Please dispose of used towels in the designated bins.  If towels are removed from the premises and not returned, a charge will be implemented.
  10. It is the responsibility of all persons to obtain instruction on how to use the equipment prior to usage of such equipment, and to use the equipment only in accordance with such instructions.  The Fitness Center staff will provide a complimentary orientation by appointment only.   Please call regarding any appointment changes or cancellations at least 24 hours in advance. 
  11. Lockers are available for daily use only – no overnight storage is permitted.  All personal belongings are not allowed on the Fitness Center floor and should be properly stored in the locker room or in the space provided near the Fitness Director’s desk.  The Club shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any private property used or stored in the Fitness Center or lockers.
  12. The Group Exercise Room is available for use during non-class times on a first-come/first-serve basis.
  13. Please limit use of one piece of equipment to 30 minutes if a Member/Guest is waiting to use that piece of equipment.  If a Member/Guest is waiting for the weight equipment, individuals should allow others to “work in” between sets.
  14. Always clean up when finished using the Fitness Center.  Please return all equipment to its original location when you are finished with it. Machines must be wiped off and sanitized after each use.  Please use the supplied sanitizers on machines only.
  15. Talking on cell phones is permitted in the locker rooms only.  Personal music devices are permitted if used with headphones and played at a volume that does not disturb others.
  16. Proper attire is to be worn at all times.  Cut off shorts, shirts, jeans and swim wear are not permitted.  Nor are sandals or street shoes.  Midriffs must be covered.  No clothing with stones or beading may be worn as these might get caught on equipment and cause injury.
  17. No smoking, eating or consumption of alcoholic beverages, shall be permitted in the Fitness Center.  Water or other sports drinks must be contained in non-breakable spill proof containers.
  18. Members, Children and Guests are required to follow the Fitness Center rules for the health and safety of all concerned.  All violations of the Rules and Regulations will be referred to the General Manager who in turn will refer such violations to the Board of Directors when appropriate.
  19. The Fitness Director is authorized to implement any additional or temporary rules, as may be necessary.
  1.  The Board will determine when the Fitness Center will be open, and post those hours on   the Club website.  Members will be promptly notified of any change of schedule.

  1.  Members are responsible for informing their Guests of the Fitness Center Rules and   Regulations and are responsible for their Guest’s behavior.
  2. Guests must be at least 16 years of age to use the Fitness Center.
  3. All Guests must be accompanied by a Member or have a Guest Card.
  4. Complimentary equipment orientations may be scheduled to ensure the safe usage of the fitness equipment by Guests.
  5. Prior to the use of the Fitness Center, a Member’s Guest is required to sign a Release and Waiver form.
  6. Guest fees will be charged for use of the Fitness Center.  The Member’s Club account will be billed the guest fee.
  1. The Club takes pride in creating a family experience and sees our Children as the future of the Club.  As such, the Club needs to ensure the Fitness Center is accessible to Children, provided they are properly educated on gym etiquette and safety measures.
  2. Children between the ages of 12-15 are permitted to use the Fitness Center accompanied and supervised by a parent.  The parent will assume full responsibility for the child. 
Children between the ages of 14-15 can earn the privilege of being able to use the Fitness Center equipment without a parent after they successfully complete appropriate introductory classes (Teen Fit Program).

Children ages 16 and over may, at the discretion of the Fitness Director, use the Fitness Center provided they have received training in the use of equipment from the Fitness Center staff and have an orientation chart on file.
  1. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the Fitness Center except for scheduled youth fitness classes or individual personal training with a member of the Fitness Center staff.
  2. Members are responsible for the actions of their Children.  If Children or their Guests fail to comply with these Rules and Regulations, such failure and the Member or parent/guardian will be referred to the General Manager and the Board as appropriate.  This action may result in loss of privileges of both the Members and their Children.
  3. Children using the Fitness Center will be required to have a Release and Waiver form signed by them and their parent or guardian. 
  4. During peak periods of utilization, adults will have priority over Children using Fitness Center equipment.
  1. Massage Therapy is restricted to adult Members and Guests (18 years of age and older). 
  2. Massage Therapy is available by appointment and at set hourly rates. 
  3. Please contact the Massage Therapist directly to make an appointment.
  4. Changes or cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance or you will be billed for your scheduled time.